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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'A CHORUS OF FROGS' superimposed on a black wetsuit with a golden frog hanging on a chain
  • Ariston, lying down in the foregroud, tells Helena and Jackson, standing behind him, of his plans
  • Jackson, in wetsuit and mask, prepares to dive from the yacht
  • Anna, in foreground left, looks unimpressed with Steed's joke; Venus and Mason, standing behind them, appreciate the humour
  • Venus looks nervous as the First Officer tells her to enter the bathyscaph; Anna and Pitt-Norton look on from behind them
  • Venus makes a phone call as Steed and Mason look on

Series 2 - Episode 24
A Chorus of Frogs

Teleplay by Martin Woodhouse
Directed by Raymond Menmuir


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regularNew Avengers007
Venus Smith Julie Stevens regular
Archipelago Mason Eric Pohlmann 007Carry On..The ChampionsDangermanPink PantherThe SaintDepartment S
Anna Lee Yvonne Shima 007
Helena Colette Wilde regularDangerman
Ariston Sondqvist John Carson regularNew AvengersDoctor WhoThe ProfessionalsThe SaintDepartment SAdam AdamantThe Champions
Dr Pitt-Norton Frank Gatliff regularNew AvengersDoctor WhoDangermanBlake's 7The SaintDepartment SPolice Surgeon
One-Six Michael Gover regular
Jackson Alan Haywood regularDoctor WhoThe SaintUFO
Andreas Stephanopoulus Makki Marseilles Department S
Ship's 1st Officer Norman Johns
Steward Steve Cory UFO
Man (Bracken) Colin Fry regular
and The Kenny Powell Trio:
himself Kenny Powell regular
himself Jack Parnell regular
himself Lennie Bush regular
countess unknown
Natilla unknown
bar fly unknown
bar fly unknown
guest unknown
guest unknown
guest Richard Nellor regular
guest unknown
guest unknown
guest unknown
guest Bob Raymond regularDoctor WhoAdam AdamantDangermanDepartment S
guest unknown
double for Jackson Steve Cory UFO

The original camera script notes: Extras to be called for Friday 8th March, 1963 at 10.00am.
7 males, 7 females, N.B. One of the males is to double for the dead body in INT. MORTUARY. Wardrobe: Trousers and shoes.

Steve Cory doubled for Jackson in VTR insert A.

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