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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'BOX OF TRICKS' superimposed on Valerie's body, lying face down on the floor with a bullet wound in her back
  • extreme close-up of Henriette talking to Steed
  • Denise's body has fallen out of the cabinet, face up, strangled by a stocking
  • Venus anxiously prepares to enter the cabinet as Weston performs his act. The Dave Lee Trio can be seen in the background
  • Weston takes the tape from Gallam and threads it onto the player hidden inside the upright piano
  • Venus and Steed dance, Henriette is annoyed by Venus' non-stop chattering

Series 2 - Episode 17
Box of Tricks

Teleplay by Peter Ling and Edward Rhodes
Directed by Kim Mills


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regularNew Avengers007
Venus Smith Julie Stevens regular
Kathleen Sutherland Jane Barrett
General Sutherland Maurice Hedley Adam AdamantThe Saint
Dr Gallam Edgar Wreford Blake's 7
Gerry Weston Ian Curry Carry On..
Denise April Olrich
Manager (The Major) Dallas Cavell New AvengersThe ChampionsDoctor Who
Henriette Jacqueline Jones
Nino Gregory Scott regular
Harry Royston Tickner Doctor WhoThe Saint
Mary Gail Starforth
Valerie Lynn Taylor regularDangerman
maitre d' Robert Hartley
and The Dave Lee Trio:
himself Dave Lee regularAdam Adamant
himself Art Morgan regular
himself Spike Heatley regular
Gallam's nurse unknown
hostess unknown
hostess Jennifer Kennedy regular
hostess unknown
hostess Yvette Herries regular
hostess unknown
club patron/British admiral unknown
club patron David Wolliscroft regularDoctor Who
club patron/British general Vernon Duke regular
club patron Leonard Kingston regularDoctor Who
club patron unknown
club patron John Sefton regular007
club patron unknown
club patron unknown
club patron unknown
club patron unknown
club patron/French general unknown
club patron unknown

+ 10 men, 10 women extras as Waiters, Dustman, Members of N.A.T.O. conference, Hostesses and night-club clientele. (I'm missing two of the male extras, but I never saw a dustman or waiter).

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