• title card: white all caps text reading ‘TRAITOR IN ZEBRA’ superimposed on the coat of arms of the base - a zebra in a shield surmounted by a crown, surrounded by laurel leaves
  • Steed, standing behind Sub-Lt Crane, questions him
  • Rankin carefully records the darts on the board
  • Sub-Lt Graham conducts an experiment in the lab, flanked by Dr Thorne and another scientist
  • Franks insinuates that Linda is on a slippery slope
  • Franks is apprehended by two sailors as Steed holds a gun on him

Series 2 — Episode 11
Traitor in Zebra

Teleplay by John Gilbert
Directed by Richmond Harding

Production completed: 29 November 1962. First transmission: 8 December 1962


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regular 007
Catherine Gale Honor Blackman regular 007 Danger Man Doctor Who The Saint
Rankin John Sharp regular The Prisoner The Sweeney Randall and Hopkirk
Joe Franks Richard Leech regular Adam Adamant 007 Dad’s Army Danger Man Doctor Who The Saint Jason King
Captain Nash Noel Coleman regular Doctor Who
Dr Richard Thorne Jack Stewart
Lieutenant Mellors Ian Shand regular
Sub-lieutenant Ken Graham William Gaunt The Champions Doctor Who The Saint
Maggie June Murphy Doctor Who
Linda Katy Wild
Sub-lieutenant Michael Crane Danvers Walker The Prisoner
Escorting Officer (Williams) Richard Pescud regular
Wardroom Steward Michael Browning
Thomas Philip Becker regular
woman at hotel unknown
woman at hotel unknown
woman at hotel Corrine Burford regular
man at hotel Vernon Duke regular
man at hotel unknown
man at hotel Peter Thompson regular Doctor Who
officer on the gate unknown
sailor on the gate unknown
ensign in the control room unknown
sailor in the control room Paul Mead regular
scientist in the control room unknown
scientist in the control room Melvyn Mordant regular
scientist John Sefton regular 007
scientist Deborah Spranger regular
officer in ward room unknown
officer in ward room Dick Downes regular
officer in ward room Gregory Scott regular
officer in ward room unknown
undersecretary John Cabot regular Carry On..
ministerial aide Walter Swash regular
arresting sailor unknown
arresting sailor unknown
Credited but not listed in TV Times

The original script lists: 24 Extras - 20 Male & 4 Female.

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