• title card: The Frighteners superimposed on Moxon and Nature Boy looking through the shop window
  • Dr. Keel looks on as Steed confers with Grekio
  • Nigel plays the guitar as Jeremy reaches for the whisky
  • Dr. Keel threatens Deacon with a syringe
  • Marylin is overcome with how foolish she’d been
  • Dr. Keel introduces Steed to ‘Mrs. Briggs’

Series 1 — Episode 15
The Frighteners

by Berkeley Mather

Production No 3412, VTR unknown
Production completed: May 25 1961. First transmission: May 27 1961.


Teleplay by Berkeley Mather 007
“The Avengers” Theme composed and played by Johnny Dankworth regular
Designed by Robert Fuest regular
Producer Leonard White regularCallanPolice Surgeon
Acting Producer Sydney Newman regularDoctor WhoPolice Surgeon
Directed by Peter Hammond regular
Story editor Reed de Rouen regularDoctor Who
the AVENGERS NEXT EPISODE JUNE 10th The Yellow Needle
An ABC Production
Credits Legend:
Credited but not listed in press
Credited in press but not on screen
Credited in paperwork only
Uncredited / unattributed rôle
Crew: 90% opacity
® : illustrated from other sources

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