• title card: white all caps text reading ‘K IS FOR KILL BY BRIAN CLEMENS’ superimposed on one of the Russians rushing out of the woods to attack
  • The Avengers meet at a café in Paris, Gambit has brought along Dsse Leparge, who is in a leopard print dress and is clearly his date, his hands resting on her shoulders
  • The embassy guard puts his arm around Purdey’s throat, using her as a shield and pointing his gun at her, threatening to shoot her unless Gambit lets him escape
  • Turkov is sampling every liquer the Paris café stocks - making up for 30 years of suspended animation - when Stanislav joins him
  • Turkov takes up his sniping position in the church steeple
  • Decorated with Soviet medals, the Avengers toast each other with champagne, Gambit and Steed struggle due to their injuries

The New Avengers, Series 2 — Episode 9
K is for Kill - Part 2: Tiger by the Tail

by Brian Clemens
Directed by Yvon Marie Coulais

Production Crew

Music Composed by Laurie Johnson regularThe ProfessionalsJason King
Produced by Albert Fennell regularThe Professionals
and Brian Clemens regularDanger ManThe ChampionsThe ProfessionalsAdam Adamant
By Brian Clemens regularDanger ManThe ChampionsThe ProfessionalsAdam Adamant
Copyright IDTV - TVP regular
Copyright date MCMLXXVII All Rights Reserved
Directed by Yvon Marie Coulais regular
Directed by Ray Austin regularThe ProfessionalsThe SaintRandall and HopkirkThe ChampionsDepartment SSpace 1999
Associate Producer Ron Fry regularDoctor WhoSpace 1999
Production Manager Philippe Lefebvre regular
Assistant Director Jean-Claude Garcia regular
Continuity Eliane Baum regular
Continuity Pat Rambaut regular
Casting Mamade regular
Production Designer Daniel Budin regular
Unit Manager Patrick Danon regular
Location Manager Ginette Mejinsky regular
Wardrobe Mistress Jacky Budin regular
Joanna Lumley’s Wardrobe by Jillie Murphy regular
Joanna Lumley’s Wardrobe by Betty Jackson regular
Lighting Cameraman Gilbert Sarthre regular
Camera Operator Malcolm Vinson regular007The ProfessionalsThe SaintCarry On..
Make-up Paul Le Marinel
Make-up Alan Boyle regularThe Professionals
Hairdresser Mark Nelson regular
Second Unit Director Jean-Michel Lacor regular
Editor Alan Killick regular007Danger ManThe ProfessionalsRandall and HopkirkSpace 1999UFO
Sound Recordist Paul Lemare regularThe ProfessionalsCarry On..
Sound Recordist Ken Barker regular007Carry On..Pink PantherUFO
Dubbing Editor Jack T. Knight regular007Space 1999 (billed as Jack Knight)
Dubbing Editor Mike Hopkins regular007The Professionals
Post-production Co-ordinator Paul Clay regularThe Professionals
A Production Of The Avengers (Film & TV) Enterprises Ltd. regular
For TV Productions & I.D.T.V. Paris regular
Filmed on Location in France and England
Processed by Rank Film Laboratories regular ((billed as Rank Film Laboratories England))
Processed by LTC Laboratories France regular
Credits Legend:
Credited but not listed in press
Credited in press but not on screen
Credited in paperwork only
Uncredited / unattributed role
Crew: 90% opacity
® : illustrated from other sources

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