• title card: white all caps text reading ‘DIRTIER BY THE DOZEN BY BRIAN CLEMENS’ superimposed on Captain Noble falling in a puddle on the tarmac as he is shot at
  • Steed sheilds his face from the heat and smoke as he walks through a burning assault course
  • A man stands near us on the right, facing awat and tied to a stake in the woods, on the other side of the clearing, a six man firing squad are taking aim at him
  • Purdey, in a fetching red dress and matching tights, sits in the middle of the pub surrounded by uniformed soldiers, one of whom has put a hand on her knee
  • Gambit, in the uniform of a Scottish regiment, stands at attention beside his new CO, Col Mad Jack Miller, who is similarly attired in camouflage fatigues and wears a black eyepatch on his left eye
  • Purdey is rescued from the minefield - she hangs from a ladder under a helicopter, holding a bottle of champagne and a glass

The New Avengers, Series 1 — Episode 12
Dirtier by the Dozen

by Brian Clemens
Directed by Sidney Hayers

The Cast

John Steed Patrick Macnee regular007
Mike Gambit Gareth Hunt regularDoctor WhoSpace 1999
Purdey Joanna Lumley regular007Doctor WhoPink Panther
Colonel ‘Mad Jack’ Miller John Castle The ProfessionalsThe Prisoner
Sergeant Bowdon Shaun Curry Blake’s 7The ProfessionalsThe SaintThe Sweeney
Major Prentice Stephen Moore
George Harris Alun Armstrong
Colonel Elroyd Foster Ballard Berkeley
General Stevens Michael Barrington regularAdam AdamantThe ChampionsDoctor WhoDepartment S
Captain Tony Noble Michael Howarth 007
Doctor Laing John Forbes-Robertson The SaintJason King
Terry Jones Brian Croucher Blake’s 7CallanThe ProfessionalsDoctor Who
Keller John Labanowski
Orderly David Purcell Doctor Who
Freddy Spinks Francis Mughan
Peter Travis Colin Skeaping regular007Indiana JonesStar Wars
Turner Richard Derrington
Soldier John Challis Doctor WhoThe Sweeney
Soldier Rocky Taylor regularDoctor Who007Blake’s 7Danger ManThe PrisonerThe ProfessionalsThe SaintCallanThe SweeneyRandall and HopkirkPink PantherIndiana Jones
Guerilla unknown
Guerilla unknown
Assault course soldier Jim Dowdall regularDoctor WhoStar Wars
Soldier Reg Woods regularThe ProfessionalsDoctor WhoBlake’s 7
Soldier unknown
Soldier Tony O’Leary regular007Doctor WhoThe SaintThe ChampionsCarry On..
Soldier unknown
Soldier Aidan Harrington regularDanger Man007The PrisonerThe SweeneyCarry On..
Soldier unknown
Soldier unknown
Soldier Syd Wragg Star WarsThe Sweeney
Soldier Robert Smythe Doctor WhoBlake’s 7Carry On..
Soldier Lou Morgan regular007The SaintSpace 1999Carry On..
Soldier Marc Boyle regularDoctor Who007The ProfessionalsStar Wars
Soldier John Clifford regularThe SaintThe SweeneyUFOSpace 1999
Soldier Mark Taylor regularThe ChampionsThe SweeneyCarry On..
Soldier unknown
Soldier unknown
Soldier unknown
Soldier unknown
Soldier unknown
Soldier unknown
Troop-carrier driver unknown
Barman unknown
Man in pub unknown
Man in pub unknown

Richard Derrington is listed as the unbilled “Turner” in most of the guides, starting with the TV Times cast listing on the original transmission date, but when Colonel Foster barks his name it sounds more like “Carver” to me.

Credits Legend:
Credited but not listed in press
Credited in press but not on screen
Credited in paperwork only
Uncredited / unattributed role
Crew: 90% opacity
® : illustrated from other sources

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