• title card: white all caps text reading ‘SLEEPER BY BRIAN CLEMENS’ superimposed on an extreme close-up of Brady wearing sunglasses
  • The gang of misfits aim a bazooka at the bank doors as Brady gives the order to fire
  • Purdey hides from the gang by posing in the shop window in her blue silk pyjamas, holding a white sign on which is printed, in red, ‘TODAY’S BIGGEST OFFER’
  • A young woman lies asleep outside her door, the newspaper and milk dropped, and her red and white striped dressinggown coming undone
  • Steed, pretending to be asleep carefully puts his umbrella handle around the neck of the gang member Bart, who has carelessly sat down on the same bench
  • Steed, Purdey and Gambit are all fast asleeep inside the helicopter after returning to base - but only because they’re exhausted

The New Avengers, Series 1 — Episode 10

by Brian Clemens
Directed by Graeme Clifford

The Cast

John Steed Patrick Macnee regular 007
Mike Gambit Gareth Hunt regular Doctor Who Space 1999
Purdey Joanna Lumley regular 007 Doctor Who Pink Panther
Brady Keith Buckley regular 007 The Professionals The Sweeney Randall and Hopkirk
Dr. Graham Arthur Dignam
Chuck Mark Jones Doctor Who Star Wars
Bart Prentis Hancock Space 1999 The Professionals Doctor Who The Saint
Tina Sara Kestelman
Fred Gavin Campbell UFO Department S
Ben Dave Schofield
Phil George Sweeney 007 The Saint The Sweeney
Pilot Peter Godfrey The Professionals The Sweeney
Bill Leo Dolan The Professionals
Policeman Jason White 007 Carry On.. Indiana Jones
Policeman Tony McHale
Frank Hardy Joe Dunne regular 007 The Professionals The Prisoner Pink Panther Space 1999 Randall and Hopkirk
Man in car Peter Richardson
Woman in car Denise Reynolds
Woman in taxi Anulka Dubinska
Man in car Tex Fuller regular Adam Adamant Blake’s 7 Doctor Who 007 The Professionals Star Wars
Professor Marco Colin Skeaping regular 007 Indiana Jones Star Wars
Army officer Walter Henry regular Doctor Who The Saint 007 The Sweeney Blake’s 7 Department S Carry On..
Naval officer unknown
RAF officer Fred Machon regular 007 Danger Man The Saint The Prisoner The Champions Carry On..
Waiter unknown
MP corporal unknown
MP sergeant unknown
Gangmember Maxwell Craig regular 007 Doctor Who The Saint The Prisoner The Sweeney Pink Panther UFO Space 1999 Carry On..
Gangmember unknown
Gangmember Robert Ramsey regular The Professionals The Sweeney Carry On..
Gangmember unknown
Gangmember unknown
Gangmember Mickey Varey The Saint The Sweeney Randall and Hopkirk
Gangmember Reg Woods regular The Professionals Doctor Who Blake’s 7
Gangmember Lou Morgan regular 007 The SaintSpace 1999 Carry On..
Gangmember unknown
Gangmember Jim Dowdall
Gangmember unknown
Brian (bus driver) unknown
Bum unknown
George (doorman) unknown
Taxi driver unknown
Sleeping copper unknown
Sexy housewife unknown
Returning reveller unknown
Brakeman unknown
Test subject unknown
Test subject unknown
Test subject unknown
Test subject unknown
Test subject unknown
Test subject unknown

The original TV Times listing for Gnaws credited Anulka Dubinska as “Pretty Girl” - and credited Peter Richardson and Denise Reynolds as “Couple in car”, but no such characters appear in the episode; I’ve tracked them down in this episode. They may be among the test subjects at the beginning of the episode as well.

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