Any Avengers Fan-Films?

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Any Avengers Fan-Films?

Post by Borgus Weems »

I know there are Star Trek fan films (the most successful of which, the Phase II films, have featured actors from the original series), and I know there have been plenty of Doctor Who films (I've even seen one of these, Jon Blum's Time Riff, and it was pretty good)... so the question I'd have for the board is, are there any Avenger's Fan Films?

A general Fan Film article on Wikipedia!
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Dandy Forsdyke
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I've never thought about it. There's never been an Avengers fan film has there?
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fan movie ?

Post by mousemeat »

Avengerholic wrote:This one was started :D ... annel_page
was it any good ? etc ?
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Wasn't this just an advertising gimic for the action figures?
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Charlie Parker
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Post by Charlie Parker »

I believe that TAF's Young Avenger did a remake of Invasion fo the Earthmen back in his prep school days. Never saw it myself though.
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Post by helenofirvine »

I'd love to see an Avengers fan film...

Something like this:

Steed and Emma go missing, so new wet-behind-the-ears agents are sent out to look for them, following a trail of clues and familiar surroundings in "Missing in Action?"
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Post by Alan »

Anyone who has read the Avengerworld book will know that a fan film does indeed exist; indeed, it's the one mentioned up thread that features Joseph Lloyd:
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denis rigg
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Post by denis rigg »

Excellent version of Invasion of the Earthmen, considering it is an amateur production. The guys tried to play, their mannerisms and approach is not boring, you get a feeling for their characters. Classic series style is available, that there worth is only one scene "Mrs. Peel, you're needed". :)
Especially I liked the prologue, camera work at a such level I thought at first that watching a professional movie. :lol:
Sometimes it does even better feeling for the atmosphere and mystery than the original.
Many thanks to Joseph Lloyd, memorable Steed. :) It would be great to see another Avengers episode from this team, but as Joseph narrated in the Avengerworld book - it was a hard way to do it. And how!
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