Wanted - UK Series 3 (disc 1) & Series 4 blu-ray (disc 4

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Wanted - UK Series 3 (disc 1) & Series 4 blu-ray (disc 4

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During a check on my DVD/Blu-ray discs last year I discovered problems with just two titles in my collection - and both were The Avengers!

DVD rot has set in on disc 1 of series 3, taking out the last act of Brief for Murder and all of The Nutshell.

Series 4 on blu-ray also had a surprise problem; an extra disc 7 instead of disc 4! The set was purchased from Amazon back in 2016, so obviously this falls far outside of the return window and evidently I didn't think to check the set when I received it. A friend let me borrow their disc 4 to make a copy, so at least I have those episodes in some form, but I'd still rather like to get proper replacements for series 4 disc 4 and series 3 disc 1.

Tried to contact StudioCanal about possible replacements, but they were completely radio silent. Have been keeping an eye on ebay, as sometimes individual discs turn up there, but so far no joy. Does anyone here have any spares of those discs needing a home - or an email address for SC that's worked for them?
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