Mission... Highly Creative! A new forum area...

Your mission is to post, highlight and discuss Avengers fan fiction, art and other creative endeavours!
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Mission... Highly Creative! A new forum area...

Post by Alan »

In response to discussions about improving the experience at The Avengers International Fan Forum, a new forum area is born - Mission... Highly Creative!

It was suggested that a fanfic area would be of interest to members, and we have carried that idea one step further - this area is for all creative endeavours to do with The Avengers, from fan fiction to artwork, from poems to alternative DVD covers - and beyond.

Anything posted here at the forum should please adhere to our forum rules:

http://avengersfanforum.s2.bizhat.com/v ... rsfanforum

However, we recognise that some fanfic and artwork might not sit comfortably within these rules - and in such instances, we suggest that such material is linked to rather than posted, and appropriate warnings are given when doing so.

Such works can be discussed here, though please be careful in how you post about them. We trust members to use their discretion.

We look forward to Mission... Highly Creative! becoming a vibrant and exciting part of the forum.

Have fun!
Hidden Tiger
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