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Post by shaunodan »

Purdey's outfit ...is this the only time she never changed outfits ? Love this outfit on Purdey 8)
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Post by Lee »

It's been 7 years since this one came to the top, so I decided to watch this one next.

I used to have this on VHS from its repeat on Central in about 1986/7, and it might be one of the ones still on the original video form that time. I always enjoyed it and still enjoyed it partially this time.

It's a good self contained story about the department, but is part of an increasing trend of stories which happened in the Thorson era where the story centers around the department / agents in the department instead of what is happening in the world which needs to be avenged. These types of stories are ok occasionally, such as The Nutshell in series 3, but when they become more of the story telling then the programme becomes more introspective. It seems there are quite a few stories in TNA where they are investigating themselves, or in their departments etc. I concur with the above comments about perhaps too much was seen in the department - indeed such as straightforward building and organisation, one can't help but what they made of Mother's headquarters in the past.

Having said that, I think the mole in the department was revealed a little too soon - it would have been better to be kept guessing for longer.

A great guest cast keep this moving along, with many strong performances.

Considering this was well into the run of TNA, I was a little surprised watching it again about the relationship between Steed and Gambit. It seemed very frosty - almost is if Purdey was the glue between the two of them. Steed seems to show very little concern for Gambit - but perhaps that is more of the professional relationship that they should have.

Some great direction from Sidney Hayers - nice to see an original series director still going with the programme, with some nice bedding music from Johnson.

Mostly, our three heroes are independent of each other for much of the episode, only reuniting for the finale, where you do miss the relationship they seem to have together. The chemistry between Joanna and Gareth is a strength of this era and one does miss their banter. I do like Gambit's line to Purdey's mother that he hopes to have dinner with her soon - interesting how Gambit has already committed that telephone number to memory....

Overall, I give this 7.
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Post by mousemeat »

been some yrs ,since I saw the episode..sorta like re visiting old friend, who might have changed a tad...lol....on a scale, ' 7 ' for oui...

and yeah, the ending was the leak link..
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