PLEASE READ FIRST: Classified Ads at The Avengers Fan Forum

Buy, Sell and Trade your Avengers items.
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PLEASE READ FIRST: Classified Ads at The Avengers Fan Forum

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Classified Ads is provided as a service to members of The Avengers Fan Forum, allowing them to buy/sell/trade Avengers and related genre items that they own, with other members.

Our Classified Ads area is for individual-to-individual sales of personally owned items and is not to be used by or for any commercial business or to promote fundraising efforts, unless prior agreement has been obtained from the Administrators.


Forum rules. All regular Forum Rules apply to the Classified Ads section.

Posting Restrictions. The Classified Ads section is advert only. No follow-up discussion is permitted. All contact between advertiser and interested parties must be through PM or email.

Entitlement. There is no minimum post requirement before members can advertise in Classified Ads. However, the Administrators encourage advertisers to engage in conversations at The Avengers Fan Forum, permitting advertisers and potential sellers/traders the opportunity to build impressions of each other as people - improving an advertiser's chances for a successful transaction.

Posting Limitation. If you start a "for sale" topic or make other Classified-type posts in another forum, your topic/posts will be deleted.

Feedback. The Avengers Fan Forum does not maintain its own feedback system. If you have feedback elsewhere, you may post a link to it as a way to convey your credentials to others.

Common sense. Use common sense and be straightforward in your dealmaking. Observe the spirit, not just the letter, of these rules. When in doubt about a rule, ask an Administrator.

Rule violations. If you think a sale, buyer, seller, or other forum member is breaking Forum or Classified Ads Rules, please contact an Administrator.


Sincerity. Offer to sell or trade only if you are serious about doing so.

Ownership. You may only sell or trade items you own. You are not permitted to sell or trade on behalf of others.

Copyright Restrictions. Only genuine products or memorabilia may be offered or requested. If you offer or solicit off-air, bootleg or pirated goods, computer discs or recording devices containing music, video or unlicensed software, your post may be edited or your topic closed or deleted, and you risk further action (including closure of your account at The Avengers Fan Forum).

Inappropriate Items: Pornographic material of any kind is not to be traded. If you offer or solicit pornographic material your post may be edited or your topic closed or deleted, and you risk further action (including closure of your account at The Avengers Fan Forum).

Amazon Marketplace and eBay. Members are permitted to post links to their own sale items (and not those belonging to other people) at Amazon Marketplace, eBay or other such recognised sites.

Photographs. Administrators encourage advertisers to include photographs of the items for sale/trade, particularly if they are unique or rare. It is preferred if the photographs are of the actual item (i.e. not just borrowed from a retail site).


Topic title. Use a short description of the item(s) as the topic title prefixing it with one of these commonly used abbreviations:
  • FS: -- For Sale

    FT: -- For Trade

    FS/T: -- For Sale or Trade

    FA: -- For Auction

    WTB: -- Want To Buy
What You Are Offering. Be clear what items are included or are missing and what their condition is. Potential buyers/traders will respond better to factual descriptions (catalogue numbers and specs) than to superlatives or posts in ALL CAPS. (Please note that 'all caps' subject titles are not permitted.)

Price. If you don't post an asking price, that is likely to be the very first question, so include one from the start if at all possible. Ask for a price that you consider reasonable and will accept.

Additional Information. Members often ask for photos, your location, the reason you are selling/trading, methods of payment and shipping, and/or whether you have seller feedback from previous transactions. Anticipate these questions and provide the information up front.

Private Messages. Watch for Private Messages, since potential buyers/traders will most likely initiate contact in this way. Plan to respond promptly to offers or after a deal is made. Make sure your Private Message mailbox isn't full.

Closing of Listings. Members should send a PM to an Administrator upon the conclusion of a transaction, so that the said listing may be closed.


Sincerity. Offer to buy or trade only if you are serious about doing so.

Offers. If you are an interested buyer/trader but don't like the price, make what you consider to be a reasonable offer.

Payment. Ensure that you make payment for any item through a recognised payment service, such as Paypal, which carry buyer protection guarantees.


The Avengers Fan Forum and its Administrators will not and cannot evaluate or be held responsible for sales, items, sellers, buyers or prices. These rules are intended to maintain order and to assist - rather than impede - personal sales and trades among forum members, but the Administrators cannot ensure that every offer is legitimate or fairly priced.

Administrators are not responsible for the actions of forum members in carrying out the terms of sales, purchases, and trades. We can give no guarantee whatsoever on any deal made possible by this forum - so be careful who you do business with.

These rules supercede any previous terms and conditions for Classified Ads at The Avengers Fan Forum.
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