Escapade (by Brian Clemens)

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Escapade (by Brian Clemens)

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I wasn't sure where to post this but I guess this is a kind of Avengers spin-off. I seem to remember reading about this in one of Dave Rogers books or fanzines. Brian Clemens penned this as a kind of American take on The Avengers. I stumbled upon it last night on youtube. Be quick as these things tend to disappear on youtube. It's a curious one-off drama that I imagine was a try-out for a series that didn't materialise. It's easy to see why. I'm glad I watched this ropey old VHS quality film, but it lacks the wit and charm of The Avengers. It certainly isn't one of Clemens' best scripts.
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Re: Escapade (by Brian Clemens)

Post by mousemeat »

yeah, saw this a few years the house of a collector....where he got it, I'm not sure....true, it was a 'pilot ' for a projected series..and yeah, it certainly did lack the charm..but then again, if the pilot would have gotten green lighted for a series, the writers / Clemens, might have worked out some of the bugs in the script ( s ). perhaps in an alternative universe...
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