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What I do
The Avengers
The television show, most famous for starring Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee as Mrs Peel and John Steed. Online since 1993 and still growing, covers all seasons from 1961 to 1977.
What I use
W3C accessibility and modern layouts and designs are easily achieved by using up to date CSS code to transform purely semantic HTML into complex layouts
Responsive and adaptive designs are an extension of these fluid layouts
Perl, XSL, ASP and javascript
I test my work across 16 browsers on 3 platforms to ensure compatability - why don't you?

Server monitoring

dissolute technologies

:: web design and multimedia programming

I'm working full-time for a well-known financial management company, so I've removed the portfolio - I don't want any more enquiries for outside work.

To be honest, this site is now solely about

The Avengers television show - and some stuff you won't want to see.

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